Subcontractor Management Software

Subcontractor Management Software for Manufacturers

Easily manage your subcontractors with QuickWorks subcontract management software. Take a bird's eye view of your subcontract requirements and your current status

Gain visibility and control of your subcontracted parts

Reduce your lead times and improve your delivery performance

Gain complete visibility of all your subcontracted processes, knowing which parts need to be sent out, which parts are ready to go out, which parts are out with subcontractors (and where they are), and which parts are back from subcontract

Aggregate subcontracting work to save on your minimum order and delivery costs

Get built-in traceability of your subcontracted processes

Subcontract managment key features

  • Easily book work out to subcontractors from the job or the Dashboard
  • Obtain visibility and control of your subcontract requirements
  • Save time and money by aggregating deliveries to and from subcontractors. When your parts need to go to subcontract, easily view what other parts could also go 
  • Gain automatic traceability for all your subcontracted processes
  • Automatically generate paperwork that can be emailed directly from QuickWorks to your subcontractors
  • Integrate with your accounts package to avoid double entry

What is a subcontract process in manufacturing?

A subcontract process in manufacturing is any process undertaken by a third party. These processes fall into two categories, off site (i.e. not in your factory) and on-site. Typical off-site processes include design, heat treatment, finishing (e.g painting, anodising, electrophoretic coating, etc), material and product testing and contract packing. Typical on-site processes include your own processes, where you are using subcontract labour, specialist processes brought to site (e.g. export packing) and third party certifications/approvals.  

Why do manufacturers subcontract processes?

Manufacturers subcontract processes for three primary reasons, which are; a) They do not have the process in the business b) They do not have enough internal capacity c) They need third party verification

What is subcontractor management software for manufacturers?

Subcontract management software for manufacturers, sometimes known as subcontract management software or simply as subcontract software, is a subcontract management system that helps you to manage the processes you subcontract to third parties (i.e. your subcontractors). In doing so, a good subcontract management software package will include full traceability for the parts involved and should allow you to raise the subcontract purchase order at the point in time when the process is ready to be undertaken (i.e. not before the job has started). If a subcontractor purchase order has to be raised upfront, there are potential pitfalls, which can cost time and money. The two most common pitfalls being a) it assumes no items are scrapped by previous operations prior to the parts being sent out b) it prevents parts from multiple jobs being included on the same subcontract purchase order. 

What is the best subcontract management software for manufacturing businesses?

The best subcontract management software for your manufacturing business is the subcontract management software that is the most visible and flexible. Many things can and do go wrong before parts are ready to be subcontracted, therefore a subcontract management software package that can deal with these eventualities will save time and money. Furthermore, if you are a smaller manufacturer with smaller batches and ever-changing priorities, the subcontract software should be able to combine your jobs to save on your minimum order and delivery costs. 

How can QuickWorks help improve my subcontractor management?

QuickWorks subcontractor software will help you reduce your lead times and improve your delivery performance, by giving you total visibility of all your subcontracted processes. From the live dashboard, you will be able to see which parts need to be sent out, which parts are ready to go out, which parts are out with subcontractors (and where they are), and which parts are back from subcontract. Furthermore, QuickWorks will help you to aggregate your subcontracting work to save on your minimum order and delivery costs. As a result, QuickWorks will help you to control your costs and reduce the time you need to spend managing your subcontractors

How QuickWorks helps you run your manufacturing business

QuickWorks MRP provides all the functionality to run your day-to-day operations smoothly

Estimating and Quoting

Quickly produce quotes (with planned costs) and convert these to sales orders

View estimating and quoting

Sales Order Management

Create customer sales orders, order acknowledgements and invoices.

View sales order management

Production Control

Create job cards and launch jobs onto the shopfloor, track status & drive by priority

View production control

Bill of Materials

Manage all of the materials for the products you manufacture.

View bill of materials


Order what you need, exactly when you need it

View purchasing

Stock Management

Track your stock and minimise waste

View stock management

Subcontract Management

Easily send and receive jobs for subcontract processing.

View subcontract management 

Quality Compliance

Provide complete traceability and produce certificates of conformity.

View certificates of conformity

Accounts Integration

Integrate with Sage, Xero, QuickBooks and more

What people say about QuickWorks

"A&M supply components and assemblies into a broad range of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, industrial and commercial. We could not run and grow our business with confidence today without QuickWorks"

- Melvin Wingfield, A&M EDM Ltd


Why has QuickWorks been developed?

QuickWorks has been developed by individuals who have over 30 years of experience working with small manufacturing businesses


"Without an effective manufacturing system many small businesses struggle to grow, as they find it impossible to migrate away from micro-management. Therefore, it is essential the system is not only easy to adopt, it must enable them to transfer task ownership and decision making."

- Tony Prouse, Co-Founder