Case Study: "QuickWorks helped us reduce errors, improve delivery & communicate better" - H2M Engineering

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H2M specialise in manufacturing “hard 2 make” components and assemblies. They have a team of experienced engineers that have a reputation for delivering great value, by supplying quality product consistently on time.

Driving down lead times to improve their responsiveness is a key factor in H2M’s success. H2M are continually investing in the latest machining technology and optimising utilisation with flexible multi shift patterns. As a result, H2M have been able to develop an enviable customer base in just six years.

The Challenge

H2M began as a small concern with 12 employees and was using a manual spread sheet system, which worked OK initially. But, as the business grew rapidly, it soon became obvious that some sort of MRP or Production system software was needed to be taken on-board, as there were inherent problems in trying to run a business using Excel spreadsheets. For instance, only one person can access and input an excel file at a time, so it was no good for multiple users and time was lost in trying to complete tasks. Furthermore, on several occasions data was either lost or corrupted.

However, most of the Staff had previously worked on various MRP systems and were only too familiar with how inflexible and complex these systems could be. H2M did not want a typical MRP system. They needed something simple to use that suited the dynamic environment of a small / medium sized manufacturing business.


H2M discovered QuickWorks and decided to trial it in June 2019 with just one seat. Within three months the business was using QuickWorks to run its entire business employing 35 people, with just five licences.


The key outcomes of implementing QuickWorks have been;

  • Easy to use system
  • Improved responsiveness/reduced lead times
  • Improved delivery performance
  • Greater visibility for everyone
  • Less time chasing jobs and materials
  • Instant access to information, on which to make decisions



"In 6 years, H2M has grown from 12 to 35 staff and now operate across two sites, manufacturing hard to make components. QuickWorks has helped us reduce errors, improve delivery performance and made it easy to communicate changes"

- Garry Calcott, H2M Engineering Ltd



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