Environmental Policy

QuickWorks Enviromental Policy

The Directors and staff of Quickworks Systems Limited believe that we can only achieve our goals, including securing the future for our employees, by adopting an ethical approach to the business. Therefore, our corporate, environmental and social responsibilities play a key part in determining how we operate today and in forging our strategy going forward.

We understand that our activities and products have an impact on the environment. Consequently, we are committed to not only sustaining our environment, but also to look for ways that we can reduce the negative impact both we and our key stakeholders (customers, partners, employees and suppliers) have on the environment.

We will make every effort to conserve natural resources throughout our operations and those of stakeholders. We will continue to refine our products to minimise the need for paper and embrace opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. Wherever possible, we will source products and services that are local and environmentally friendly.

We are committed to continuously improving, such that we will not only comply with existing laws and regulations, we will exceed them.

This policy will be freely available to all our stakeholders, as we believe our collective success is contingent on everyone doing their bit to either eliminate or minimise their negative impact on the environment.

Tony Prouse

Managing Director.