Low-Cost Manufacturing Control Software

QuickWorks helps small manufacturers transform their productivity. Easily manage your jobs, parts & invoices today.

Software to help Small Manufacturing & Engineering Companies

Transform Productivity For Your Manufacturing Business

QuickWorks is a manufacturing control system that's refreshingly straightforward to use.  For small manufacturers, QuickWorks is the simple alternative to spreadsheets (which are often prone to errors, poor visibility of information, and duplication of data) and overly complex ERP/MRP software (which are often expensive, difficult to implement and slow to use).

QuickWorks Is Manufacturing Control Software Made Simple:

Easily manage orders, parts & more with an action-based dashboard

Improve communication by giving your team visibility of their next job in an ever-changing environment

Save time by automatically generating bills of material, routings, delivery notes, sales orders, works orders & purchase orders

Monitor performance of every job. Track profitability, quality and delivery performance.

Improve quality control with built-in traceability, certificates of conformity & non-conformance reporting

Low cost, complete solution designed for small manufacturing businesses

Free up time to work "on" the business, so you can grow your business confidently

 What People Say About QuickWorks

"A&M supply components and assemblies into a broad range of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, industrial and commercial. We could not run and grow our business with confidence today without QuickWorks"

- Melvin Wingfield, A&M EDM Ltd


What Makes QuickWorks Stand Out?

QuickWorks helps owners and managers of small manufacturing businesses improve in 4 key areas:

Gain Control

Gain Control

Constantly chasing jobs is time consuming. Gain control of your operation and respond to changing priorities quickly.

Gain Visibility

Gain Visibility

Drive visibility of all jobs, improve delivery and be more responsive with an action-based dashboard.

Delegate Tasks

Delegate Tasks

Empower your team to make day-to-day decisions whilst still maintaining control



Discover a low cost and low risk system with no ongoing commitment. QuickWorks makes it easy to get going.

Why has QuickWorks been developed?

QuickWorks has been developed by individuals who have over 30 years of experience working with small manufacturing businesses


"Without an effective manufacturing system many small manufacturing businesses struggle to grow, as they find it impossible to migrate away from micro-management. Therefore, it is essential the system is not only easy to adopt, it must enable them to transfer task ownership and decision making."

- Tony Prouse C.Eng M.I.MechE, Co-Founder

Low-Cost Manufacturing Control Software for Small Manufacturing Businesses

How QuickWorks Helps You Run Your Manufacturing Business

QuickWorks provides all the functionality to run your day-to-day operations smoothly

The Dashboard

One screen gives you instant visibility of your entire business and helps your team know exactly what to work on next


Quickly produce estimates and convert to sales orders


Create Bills of Materials (BOMs) and Route Cards fast


Launch jobs onto the shopfloor, track status & drive by priority

Stock Control

Track your stock and minimise waste


Order what you need, exactly when you need it

Quality Control

Improve quality with automatic traceability and non-conformance reporting

Certificates of Conformity

Generate delivery notes and certificates of conformity instantly

Accounts Integration

Integrate with Sage, Xero, QuickBooks and more

Easy Reporting

Monitor delivery performance, quality, productivity & more

Improve Control, Visibility and Responsiveness