Sage Manufacturing & Sage MRP Software

Manufacturing and MRP Software for Sage

Let Sage do what Sage does best (i.e. Accounts). Let QuickWorks do in a simpler, more visible way what Sage 50 Manufacturing, Sage Job Costing, Sage Stock Control, Sage Purchasing and Sage Invoicing do and then easily integrate QuickWorks with Sage Accounts to keep your accounts up to date.

Add MRP Capability to Your Sage Software

Create and manage your Bills of Material and Routings quickly and efficiently

Eliminate the need for double entry with Sage Integration

Save time by having your enquiries through to invoicing all in one system

Swiftly deal with your changes in an easy-to-use system

Sage integration key features

  • Enquiry to Invoice all in one system
  • Replaces the need for Sage Job Costing and Sage Stock Control
  • Replaces the need to raise sales orders, purchase orders or sales and purchase invoices in Sage manufacturing
  • Integrates with Sage Accounts, so no need for double entry
  • As QuickWorks has been created to help smaller manufacturers, it is easy to use and able to deal with changes quickly.
  • QuickWorks is designed for manufacturing businesses, so your bills of materials and routings are created and stored in QuickWorks, where they can be used for your Jobs, job costing, purchasing, stock control, etc

How does accounts integration (e.g. Sage integration) work?

Accounts integration is typically a one-way process, where information (i.e. your sales invoices, sales credits, purchase invoices and purchase credits) from the manufacturing control software (e.g. QuickWorks MRP) is uploaded into your accounting software (e.g. Sage Accounts). This process eliminates the need for the double entry of data, along with the potential errors, and enables your accounts to be kept up to date.

What is Sage Job Costing?

Sage Job Costing is a feature in the Sage Manufacturing module to help you keep track of the cost of a Job. A Job Cost will include all the direct costs and sometimes either some or all of the indirect costs. The direct costs typically include material, labour and tooling, with the tooling cost usually spread across the batch of parts being manufactured. The indirect costs can include manufacturing overheads (e.g. energy consumption, supervisory labour, maintenance, etc) and sometimes business overheads (i.e. all other overheads). If you already have Sage Manufacturing, you can continue to use Sage Job Costing, however, there has been no support available since September 2021 and Sage Manufacturing will not be developed or updated. If you are looking for an alternative to Sage Manufacturing and want to simplify your life, why not take a look at QuickWorks? 

What is Sage Manufacturing?

The Sage Manufacturing module was part of the Sage Accounting software portfolio. Its purpose was to manage the manufacturing elements and to integrate with Sage Accounting. Sage Manufacturing included Stock Control, Bill of Materials (BOM), Works Orders and Planning. If you already have Sage Manufacturing, you can continue to use Sage Manufacturing, however there has been no support available since September 2021 and Sage Manufacturing will not be developed or updated. If you are looking for an alternative to Sage Manufacturing and you want to simplify your life, why not take a look at QuickWorks?

Why have separate manufacturing and accounts software?

In a manufacturing business, bills of material, routings and stock play a major part in quotations, sales orders, purchasing, production control,production planning and invoicing, consequently it makes sense to have all these elements in one system. So why not include accounts? The short answer is that, if you are a smaller manufacturer, you have to find a system that accommodates both sets of functionality, whilst meeting the specific needs of your business (e.g. responsiveness, flexibility, simplicity and ease of use) at a cost that is acceptable. Furthermore, as your business develops, your needs may change, so you would potentially need to find another complex hybrid system, which often includes some costly customisation, training and a drawn-out implementation plan. If you elect to separate the systems, but have them integrate with each other, you have a greater number of options to choose from. Then downstream, if your business needs to change, you only have to change the system that is presenting a challenge, without having to migrate from one complex system to another. If you decide to go down the two-system route, the key is the two systems you select must not only meet your requirements, they should also integrate (e.g. QuickWorks with Sage Integration). 

How can QuickWorks, with Sage integration, help you save time and improve your responsiveness?

QuickWorks can save you time by managing your manufacturing business (enquiries through to invoicing) all in one system and then, with Sage Integration, eliminate the need for double entry. Furthermore, by managing your Bills of Material and Routings quickly and swiftly dealing with changes, QuickWorks can help you improve your responsiveness.

How QuickWorks helps you run your manufacturing business

QuickWorks MRP provides all the functionality to run your day-to-day operations smoothly

Estimating and Quoting

Quickly produce quotes (with planned costs) and convert these to sales orders

View estimating and quoting

Sales Order Management

Create customer sales orders, order acknowledgements and invoices.

View sales order management

Production Control

Create job cards and launch jobs onto the shopfloor, track status & drive by priority

View production control

Bill of Materials

Manage all of the materials for the products you manufacture.

View bill of materials


Order what you need, exactly when you need it

View purchasing

Stock Management

Track your stock and minimise waste

View stock management

Subcontract Management

Easily send and receive jobs for subcontract processing.

View subcontract management 

Quality Compliance

Provide complete traceability and produce certificates of conformity.

View certificates of conformity

Accounts Integration

Integrate with Sage, Xero, QuickBooks and more

What people say about QuickWorks

"I’d thoroughly recommend QuickWorks to SME businesses seeking an easy-to-use MRP package that reduces manual data input, provides easy workflow and traceability from quote, to order, to route card to invoice. Great team and great product."

- Paul Ward, Partner, Belgrave & Powell Limited

Why has QuickWorks been developed?

QuickWorks has been developed by individuals who have over 30 years of experience working with small manufacturing businesses


"Without an effective manufacturing system many small businesses struggle to grow, as they find it impossible to migrate away from micro-management. Therefore, it is essential the system is not only easy to adopt, it must enable them to transfer task ownership and decision making."

- Tony Prouse, Co-Founder