Sage 50 Manufacturing Discontinued - What Next?


Sage 50 Manufacturing discontinued 

Do you use Sage 50? Are you looking for an easy to use Sage 50 compatible Manufacturing System / MRP system, aimed at smaller businesses? If so, please read on… 

Sage 50 Manufacturing not compatible with the latest Sage 50 accounts update 

Sage has previously announced that as of the 30th of September 2021 all support and services for Sage 50 Manufacturing will end, and now with the recent release of Sage 50 Accounts v28.1 Sage are advising users not to upgrade if they wish to continue using Sage 50 Manufacturing. However, help is at hand. 

This blog post aims to help explain some of the options available. 

What does this mean for Sage 50 Manufacturing users?  

Sage 50 manufacturing has been around for quite some time now, nevertheless it was a popular choice for manufacturing businesses that needed to manage their operations, control their bill of materials, all while linking into the Sage accounts package.  

So, what does this mean for Sage 50 Manufacturing users? 

This means that users who wish to update to the latest version of Sage 50 Accounts v28.1 will no longer be able to use the Sage 50 Manufacturing module.  

This has created the following situation

  1. Users having to stay on the last version of Sage that includes the manufacturing module - which is V27.2. However, since Sage no longer supports the manufacturing module, there won’t be any technical support on offer and new updates to Windows may cause compatibility issues going forwards. 

  2. With no official replacement solution announced by Sage, customers have been left to their own devices to fill the gaps that Sage 50 Manufacturing has left. 

An alternative option is to use a dedicated manufacturing system that integrates with Sage 50 accounts. 

Fortunately, for smaller manufacturers (up to 100 employees) there is a manufacturing MRP solution  

QuickWorks MRP is an easy-to-use, low-cost manufacturing control system for small dynamic businesses, which links with Sage 50 accounts and is an ideal replacement for Sage 50 manufacturing

Use QuickWorks to help you:

  • Track your orders from quote through to invoice
  • Manage your stock, minimum stock levels and minimum order quantities
  • Provide quality assurance with full traceability of your production and materials
  • Save time, improve communication, and monitor performance
  • And more!

Being an agile cloud-based manufacturing control system QuickWorks delivers control and visibility, whilst being user friendly and affordable. 

The team at QuickWorks is passionate about supporting small businesses in the manufacturing sector to grow in a controlled and sustainable manner. 

See QuickWorks in action

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