Production Control Software

Production Control Software for Manufacturers

Easily manage your production using QuickWorks. Our production control software is user friendly and gives you the assurance so you can deliver on time.

Reduce your lead times and easily manage jobs

Reduce your lead times and improve delivery performance

Free up time by communicating changes instantly to everyone

Have total visibility of all your parts and Jobs

Delegate task ownership, without losing control

Production control key features

  • Create and manage bills of materials and route cards easily, all in one place
  • Automatically produce and print Job cards
  • Ensure traceability of all your parts and materials with the unique numbering system
  • Easily manage FIFO (first in first out) stock control
  • Automatically create NCRs when a part is scrapped
  • Instantly access your live stock status
  • See what can go to subcontract and what is already there, at the click of a button
  • Order your materials on time and without duplication
  • Communicate changes instantly to everyone, using Job Boards

What is production control software?

Production control software, sometimes referred to as production management software, stock management software, bill of materials software, MRP and ERP, is used to control materials and resources (labour and machinery) in a manufacturing business, with the aim of optimising the stock levels, whilst minimising the cost and time taken to produce manufactured parts or assemblies. 

How do you use production control software?

For production control software to function, you need the user needs to create Bills of Materials and Routings. Using these inputs, your jobs can be launched created and your materials can be purchased. Once the materials have arrived, your the jobs can then be managed through the through the factory, through to despatch and invoicing.

What is the best production control software for my business?

The best production control software for your business is the software that fits the characteristics and dynamics of your business. There is a trade-off between complexity and agility. For example a large, steady state business (typically manufacturing repeatable products) may require a strong degree of customisation, in which case they need a complex, highly configurable production control system. Whereas, a small business with ever changing demands and priorities may be best suited to standard production control software that is quick to change and easy to use. 

How can QuickWorks help you improve your production control?

If you are a manufacturing businesses requiring standard production control software, which is easy to use and highly responsive to changes, QuickWorks can help you reduce your lead times, improve your delivery performance, free up your time by communicating changes instantly to everyone, give you total visibility of all your parts and Jobs and delegate task ownership, without losing control

How QuickWorks helps you run your manufacturing business

QuickWorks MRP provides all the functionality to run your day-to-day operations smoothly

Estimating and Quoting

Quickly produce quotes (with planned costs) and convert these to sales orders

View estimating and quoting

Sales Order Management

Create customer sales orders, order acknowledgements and invoices.

View sales order management

Production Control

Create job cards and launch jobs onto the shopfloor, track status & drive by priority

View production control

Bill of Materials

Manage all of the materials for the products you manufacture.

View bill of materials


Order what you need, exactly when you need it

View purchasing

Stock Management

Track your stock and minimise waste

View stock management

Subcontract Management

Easily send and receive jobs for subcontract processing.

View subcontract management 

Quality Compliance

Provide complete traceability and produce certificates of conformity.

View certificates of conformity

Accounts Integration

Integrate with Sage, Xero, QuickBooks and more

What people say about QuickWorks

"In 6 years, H2M has grown from 12 to 35 staff and now operate across two sites, manufacturing hard to make components. QuickWorks has helped us reduce errors, improve delivery performance and made it easy to communicate changes"

- Garry Calcott, H2M Engineering Ltd


Why has QuickWorks been developed?

QuickWorks has been developed by individuals who have over 30 years of experience working with small manufacturing businesses


"Without an effective manufacturing system many small businesses struggle to grow, as they find it impossible to migrate away from micro-management. Therefore, it is essential the system is not only easy to adopt, it must enable them to transfer task ownership and decision making."

- Tony Prouse, Co-Founder