About QuickWorks

We're passionate about helping small businesses in the manufacturing sector to grow in a controlled and sustainable manner. We do this by providing businesses with a manufacturing control system that delivers control and visibility, whilst being easy to use, affordable and agile.‚Äč


Why did we decide to develop a system?

Having worked with over 100 manufacturing small businesses, it became clear that one of the key blockers to growth was that small businesses lacked an effective and appropriate manufacturing system. This was acutely evident for smaller manufacturers that were trying to move away from a task orientated micro-management style of control towards developing a management team that could take ownership of their functions.

Furthermore, this is painted on a backdrop of the increasing need to automate elements of the quality system, especially traceability, as compliance standards become ever more stringent.

We believe small businesses need a different solution to larger manufacturing businesses. We also believe a system should enable the business - not constrain it.